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Youjie launches a new hands-free area-imaging scanner HF600, which can be widely used in multiple applications, such as retail POS, logistics tracking, pharmacy and office automation.
YJ5900 Omnidirectional Laser Scanner is an ideal choice for small to medium-sized retailing applications, such as convenience stores, tobacco and liquor stores and drug stores. YJ5900 provides aggressive first-pass scanning at1,650 scans/second, greatly increasing customer satisfaction and operator efficiency.
Youjie ZL2200 is a cost-effective single-line laser barcode scanner with optimized performance. As an entry level bar code scanner targeting the low to middle segment of the AIDC markets, ZL2200 is ideal for various scanning applications like retail POS for small supermarkets and convenience stores, document scanning for office automation, and mail and parcels processing for post offices.
Youjie 3300 is an affordable hand-held laser barcode scanner alternative to CCD scanners. Its ergonomic design is functional and enables itself to fit in a wide variety of applications. 3300 is the best choice for customers who are seeking for paperless offices or to replace their current existing devices with a high-quality and cost-saving barcode scanner.
Equipped with world-leading laser decoding technology, Youjie 3300 can be applied in a variety of environments. 3300’s pulsing-laser-line switch allows the user to easily target the desired barcode and complete data transmission with the press of a single button. This makes 3300 the optimal choice for menu scanning, point-of-sale, document processing, and inventory control.
Youjie YJ4600 is a general purpose area imaging scanner targeting middle to low segments of the 2D bar code scanning market. With competitive pricing, outstanding performance, ergonomic design and optimum functionality, YJ4600 meets the demands of a wide variety of applications. If you are looking for a cost effective but high performance area imaging scanner, the YJ4600 will be your ideal choice.
YJ4600 2D imaging scanner provides an affordable solution for enterprises who wish to upgrade their equipment. Not only does it accurately and quickly read both 1D and 2D barcodes, it also seamlessly captures barcodes on electronic screens (such as mobile phone) and provides an effective data acquisition tool for e-coupons and e-tickets. With advanced imaging and decode technology, the YJ4600 has a superior first-pass read rate on poorly printed and low quality codes. The product is an ideal choice for a wide variety of applications, including airline transportation, banking and securities, e-tickets, and many more.
Youjie 5800 provides retailers with versatile omnidirectional scan performance and optional single-line scanning in a convenient size. Its small footprint and versatile stand options minimize required counter space, increasing available room for merchandise and advertisement displays.
Ideal for presentation scanning in moderate-volume retail environments such as convenience stores, liquor stores and pharmacies, end users can individually customize the scan pattern and operate the scanner in either a hand-held or handsfree fashion. In addition, its rugged, rubber housing provides the necessary protection against daily operational use.
Youjie 5800 can be positioned at the user’s convenience; mounted to a wall or countertop, atop one of four optional stands, or free standing for easy hand-held use.
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