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The affordable ZXP Series 3 direct-to-card printer is the best-in-class choice. Utilizing ZRaster host-based image processing technology and True Colours ix Series high-performance ribbons, the ZXP Series 3 achieves fast print speeds and high image quality. Compact and easy to use, with attributes like Load-N-Go ribbon cartridge and LCD operating prompts, it requires little training and optimizes uptime. The printer offers a full suite of encoding options, including PC/SC and EMV-certified smart card encoding, over USB and Ethernet. Print one or both sides of the card with high-quality color or monochrome images for a variety of applications including ID and access control cards; personalized gift, membership and loyalty cards; and financial cards.
The Zebra P120i is a versatile, compact and lightweight card printer that is ideal for space-constrained environments. Print full-color or monochrome single-sided cards or maximize your card space with dual-sided printing. CardSense™ single-card feed, magnetic stripe encoding, and Ethernet connectivity are available options to customize the P120i for your specific printing requirements.
The Zebra  P330i is Zebra’s most popular card printer, with tens of thousands of printers installed worldwide. Designed and built for demanding environments, the P330i printer delivers reliability and performance for high-volume card production. Expansion options for networking and card encoding—including UHF Gen 2 for longer read range—give the P330i the flexibility to meet your specific requirements. Affordable and easy to use, the Zebra P330i is a leader in performance card printers. For monochrome-only printing applications and personalization, choose the P330m printer for a lower-cost alternative.
Evolis Zenius  Card Printers is the one-stop solution to print high-quality single-sided cards, in monochrome or color, and encode technology cards, singly or in runs, for a variety of applications:
employee badges ,
access control badges ,
payment cards,
transportation passes ,
Evolis Dualys3 dual-sided ID Card Printer is one of the fastest printers in the market, and it provides top-of-the-range performances and high image resolution.
Healthcare organizations, educational institutions, banks, governmental agencies and services bureaus rely on Dualys 3 to issue:
Student IDs ,
Secured access control badges ,
Transit passes ,
Driver’s licences ,
Identification cards
Payment cards
Evolis Pebble4 card printer is the ideal solution to print your badges on demand or in volume.

Pebble 4 is suitable for any type of application that requires single-sided printing of plastic cards such as:
Employee ID badges ,
Secured access control badges ,
Payment cards
Driver’s Licence
Leisure resort passes
Health cards
Student IDs ,
Transport passes ,
Loyalty cards ,
Event cards
Tattoo RW Card Printers is the ultimate solution to print temporary or updatable cards. It is the ideal solution to revise and reprint within seconds:
Visitor badges and access control badge
Transit passes , travel cards
Holiday and leisure resorts passes
Loyalty cards
Membership cards
Student IDs

With Tattoo RW, your cards are updated whenever required, while a same card can be erased, revised and printed anew up to 500 times.
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