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Epson TM-T70
The Epson TM-T70 is a high-speed thermal receipt printer that incorporates the high quality and reliability of the TM-T88 Series. The TM-T70 allows for full-front operation, and its unobtrusive, quiet printing is ideal for specialty and hospitality environments.
 Epson TM-T70  high-speed thermal receipt printer

Full-front operation
The implementation of full-front operation allows for placement under the counter, freeing up counter space for increased customer service.

Under the counter paper loading
Special consideration has been given to ergonomics in designing a paper roll cover that can be opened and closed with one hand. Furthermore, empty rolls automatically move toward the front of the printer when the cover is opened, making roll replacement hassle free.

Operation control
In keeping with the full-front operation design, all operation controls and displays are located on the front of the TM-T70 (easy to see). With the control and display arrangement based on a universal design, anyone can operate the printer with ease (user friendly).

Water resistance
The TM-T70 is designed to protect its electrical parts from accidental exposure to water.

Fast and versatile printing
The TM-T70 prints receipts at speeds of up to 170 mm per second. Advanced graphic and barcode printing capabilities allow for highly customized layouts for receipts. (Logos and promotional messages can be added with ease.)

Quality and reliability of the TM-T88 Series
The TM-T70 succeeds the high quality and reliability found in the TM-T88 Series. With a printer life of 15 million lines (an MCBF of 52 million lines) and an autocutter life of 1.5 million cuts, the TM-T70 offers outstanding reliability in high-volume printing environments.

Optional connector covers
Keep the clutter of excess cables and connectors hidden and increase the water resistance of electrical parts with the optional connector covers.

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